Keeping the UK on the move

TSG UK is a leading equipment & services for the fuel retail,commercial fleet Gas and EV charge industry.

TSG UK Headquarters is in Dundee with offices across the UK, Barnsley, Loughborough, Aldershot and Exmouth.

As a group, with Headquarters in France, TSG operates the largest sales and service network in our industry across Europe and Africa. Thousands of TSG technicians and hundreds of sales representatives across 30 countries serve our customers promptly and efficiently.
Countries with direct Sales and Services Divisions
Service vans on the road
Stations under direct service
1 billion
Payment transactions per year

Fuelling mobility

expertise across all types of energy

TSG Provides a wide array of solutions combining equipment sales, services and projects, to the fuel forecourt and commercial fleet industries, both retail and non-retail, aimed at fueling mobility across the UK, Europe and Africa through its 6 business segments.

For more information on our other Business Segments, TSG Gas, forecourt Fuel Retail, Systems, Wash or Fleet services, visit the TSG UK website

Our customers

TSG serves a lot of different types of customers throughout the world. We supply to all sizes of operation, from small transport companies with a single site to large transport multinationals operating a wide network of sites. We support every single customer as much as we can, and are proud of every one of them.

Retail energy distribution networks

For example oil companies, supermarkets and independent station owners

Commercial and fleet operators

For example transport companies, bus and train operators and emergency services

Business and parking

For example carparks, hotels and apartments

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