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Solutions for Last Mile Logistics/ Bus Depots / Car Rental / Taxis

With governmental policies across the UK and Europe to minimise and restrict the use of internal combustion engine vehicles in urban areas, converting your fleet to electric will future-proof your business. With an existing customer base of over 10,000 locations across 29 countries, TSG holds a unique position in the market in which we can assist you in making the gradual transition from traditional fuels to electric with our multi energy solutions.

Bus Depots

With reduced pollution, electric buses are becoming a popular answer to urban and public mobility challenges. By understanding your shift patterns, routing and daily distance, TSG can provide bespoke solutions to ensure the gradual transition from fuel to electric.

Last Mile Logistics

TSG Charge will work with you to design the ideal solution to enable your fleet to return to base and charge during set times. We can assist in providing intelligent solutions such as Dynamic Load Management to help you control the electrical load on your property, especially as your fleet grows.

Car Rental

With the increase in demand for more sustainable travel, car rental customers will be looking for Electric Vehicles as rental options. Prepare your business today by contacting TSG to discuss the best EV charging solutions for you.

Taxi Fleets

There are many financial and ethical benefits in evolving your Taxi Fleet to an Electric one. TSG can assist you with your Electric Journey by providing end to end EV Charging solutions to best suit your needs.


  • Better for the environment
  • Energy consumption
  • Low-cost driving
  • Reduced fleet costs
  • Low maintenance

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