Energising the Office!

Charging Solutions for the Workplace

Enabling an electric future for your workplace

Be ahead of the game and install the latest EV chargers for your workforce and visitors. Highlight your commitment to your corporate social responsibility, taking care of the environment by supporting the future of electric vehicles.

TSG can identify and supply the EV Chargers for your business needs. We can install and maintain your EV Chargers and provide on-going help, advice, and support for all your EV business requirements.

Encourage EV Adoption

By installing charging infrastructure at work, you can encourage your staff to make the switch to an EV and take a greener approach to their commute. You can also alleviate the potential home or on-street charging difficulties overnight.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Lead by example by demonstrating your contribution to a greener planet. It is well documented that both customers and future employees look to do business with or work for a company who have strong CSR values.

Simple Solution to Tracking & Invoicing

By offering charging points to both staff and guests, you not only can showcase your commitment to building a greener future but with smart charging solutions provided by TSG, you can build a billing portfolio for your EV drivers to ensure that all energy is tracked and invoiced accordingly.

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